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Grow My Sales & Customer Numbers in 2021

Is this you?

My business has been greatly affected by the COVID 19 Pandemic. I want to scale it up in 2021 by increasing my sales & customer numbers!

Great! We have heard you! We have designed an online coaching group program specifically to help you overcome the losses that you went through in 2020 as a result of the pandemic.

We will show you proven methods that you can use in your business that will help you grow from where you are right now.

We will show you exactly what you should be doing right.

If you are keen to move past the effects of the pandemic and have a successful 2021, then you need to sign up for this coaching program.


We train both you, your new employees as part of their induction and continuing employees on how to sell, growing your sales, customer service, communication skills, leadership, and any other training. Our training is designed to meet your business training objectives in line with your goals.

You will get:

• Customized training according to your need
• Training is done at a physical location or on-line
• 100% increase in work motivation
• Fun and varied teaching techniques is applied during trainings
• Reduced turnover rates
• Double business sales
• Free after training follow up once a month for two months

Business Consultation

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Perhaps you would like consultation on the general health of your business? It pays quite highly to have an objective ear and eye that will look at your business and advise on how you can steer it in the growth direction. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will unburden you of your worries, stress, and make it easier for you where you feel stuck in your business .

Do you need advise on what business to start? Or you simply want help to register a business or a company? Do you want to leave employment and start a business? We provide you with clarity and help you make informed SMART decision.

Do you want professionally done business documents such as a Business plan? Company profile? Business report etc. Talk to us today and we will design professional documents for you specific to your business.

Contact us today and let’s us have that business healing conversation.


Designed for companies that would like to make improvements in the organisation by finding out the level of satisfaction, commitment and general views that their staffs hold in their organisation.

Done on-Line or physical location

You will get

  • Staff survey customized according to the organisation need
  • Objective survey designed to measure and meet the specific objectives of the organisation
  • Detailed analysis of the survey
  • Practical recommendations that can be employed in the organisation
  • Three months free follow upon implementation of the recommendations


Grace Kagema our lead Business Coach is a gifted public speaker.

She speaks on different subjects that are close to her heart such as business, leadership, women, children, parenting etc.

Her public speaking:

• Enriches your soul
• Broadens your mind
• Propels you to reach your highest potential and
• Provokes you to act

Best believe you want her in your team!

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Event Host (Master of Ceremony)

Grace Kagema is an articulate public speaker, connects deeply with diverse crowds, versatile and highly engaging. For a lifetime memorable event experience, you want to have her as your Event Host!

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