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Grow My Business Coaching Online Program


This is a Six-Week Coaching Program. Designed for that Entrepreneur or a group of 2- 3 Entrepreneur, who would like to grow their sales by 100%; To help you attract new and repeat customers and ultimately grow your business.

Coaching is done ONLINE

You will get:

  • Coaching specific to your business
  • One hour per week personalised coaching for six weeks
  • Weekly tasks to help you apply your coaching sessions in your business
  • Free unlimited consultation during the rest of the week
  • Free coaching once a month for two months after the scheduled coaching
  • Personal coach to work with you on your business

Cost: Contact us for a quote.


Designed for companies that would like to train their team depending on their business needs. This training is designed to meet the companies training objectives in line with their goals.

You will get:

• Customized training according to the company need
• Training is done at a physical location or on-line
• 100% increase in employee motivation
• Fun and varied teaching techniques is applied during trainings
• Reduced turnover rates
• Double company sales
• Free after training follow up once a month for two months

Cost: Contact us for a favorable quote


Designed for companies that would like to make improvements in the organisation by finding out the level of satisfaction, commitment and general views that their staffs hold in their organisation.

Done On-Line

You will get

  • Staff survey customized according to the organisation need
  • Objective survey designed to measure and meet the specific objectives of the organisation
  • Detailed analysis of the survey
  • Practical recommendations that can be employed in the organisation
  • Three months free follow upon implementation of the recommendations

Cost: Contact us for a favorable quote


Grace Kagema our lead Business Coach is a gifted public speaker.

She speaks on different subjects that are close to her heart such as business, leadership, women, children, parenting etc.

Her public speaking:

• Enriches your soul
• Broadens your mind
• Propels you to reach your highest potential and
• Provokes you to act

Done On-Line

Best believe you want her in your team!

Cost: Contact us for a favorable quote

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