Benefits of investing in your team

In a previous topic we highlighted different ways that you can invest in your staffs. Incase you missed it, click on this link below to read more, As a business owner you have a vision of where you want your business to be in a given number of years. To actualise this vision, youContinue reading “Benefits of investing in your team”

Let me think about it!

A customer says, “Let me think about it.” And you say… “This offer ends tonight, after today you will not get it!” “Okay. Here’s my number. Call me when you change your mind.” “Can I call you in two days time?” “Do you have any more questions that I can clarify before you leave?” “AreContinue reading “Let me think about it!”

It’s Customer Service Week!

Hurray! Happy Customer Service Week! This week customers are being treated exactly as they are- King! Why? Because it’s customer service week! Customer service week is an international week long celebration of customers, people who serve and manage customers and customer service in general. This year it is being celebrated from the 5th to theContinue reading “It’s Customer Service Week!”

Invest in your employees

A smart business owner would know that in order for his business to grow he will need to invest in his employees. He understands that his business can not succeed without the people who wake up each day to ensure that the business functions run as they should. Investing in your team has many benefitsContinue reading “Invest in your employees”

This customer is getting on my nerves!!

Question: When a customer shouts at me and makes so much noise what am I supposed to do? Answer: Keep quiet and let them make all the noise as much as they want. Hard? Yes. As humans, our first defense is to fight back. Before you do that you must remember that: You have aContinue reading “This customer is getting on my nerves!!”

My prices are too high!

Question: A client says that my prices are too high. Do I reduce or give a big discount in order to make a sale? Answer: It is not a question of whether your prices are high or low. The question here should be, are you selling value? Value constitutes different aspects. First, what value doContinue reading “My prices are too high!”

T-shirts that every woman needs!

My friend and I designed T-shirts for an EverydayWoman! I am super exicted about this venture! The idea behind the tees is to edify all women regardless of their walks of life. Whether you are a young blossoming woman trying to figure out your life or a seasoned woman who appreciates her life journey, theseContinue reading “T-shirts that every woman needs!”

You should have started your business YESTERDAY!

Here is food for thought. Question: I have this great idea. But I dont know where to start. I dont have the capital to start me off. When is the right time to start a business? Answer: The right time to start your business was yesterday when that idea came to mind! Don’t over think.Continue reading “You should have started your business YESTERDAY!”

Here is why you need a Business Coach

As a result of the COVID19 Pandemic, new businesses have risen, formed by people whose employment status was discontinued or existing businesseowners shifting to new grounds. When you look around you,yourself included, you will notice that everyone is trying to be creative in business ideas. Some are doing it as a survival strategy during thisContinue reading “Here is why you need a Business Coach”

A Radio that talks non-stop!

Your Everyday People- Interview series Tell us your name, what you do and how long you have been doing it. My name is James Okungu, the producer and host of ‘C-SQUARED, Cocktails & Conversations,’ a web talk show that promotes difficult conversations. I am a journalist by profession with over ten years’ experience. How didContinue reading “A Radio that talks non-stop!”