The Power of Positive Thinking

It is said that whatever a man thinketh, so is he. Have you ever been faced with a difficult situation in your life? Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the happenings in your life? If you have ever been through such circumstances you might probably have faced the temptation to give in to negative thoughts.Continue reading “The Power of Positive Thinking”

This is why you need an accountability partner

The importance of Accountability Dear Reader, I hope that you are setting smart life goals for yourself and are working towards exceeding them. Perhaps you wish to purchase a house or land, enroll in higher education or travel around the world, whatever your life goals are it is important to have someone to hold youContinue reading “This is why you need an accountability partner”

Better Together

Today we have a guest post! Yes! I am super excited to share this post written by a guest writer. I will not speak much, let the post do the speaking. Enjoy! ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. In Africa, it takes a village to raise a child. A child belongs to the community and not to the individual parentsContinue reading “Better Together”

What would you like to read about?

Dear Reader, We are done, well almost done, with the first half of the year! How are you doing? Are you smashing your goals? Are you happy? How is the going? In the next couple of days, I want to write with you in mind- literary. So, I am giving you an opportunity to tellContinue reading “What would you like to read about?”

Give yourself permission to…

Permission is the act of allowing someone to do something or allowing something to happen, this is according to Cambridge Dictionary. The other day I was listening to a podcast about this lady who was narrating how her life changed the minute she gave herself permission to be successful. She said that it reached aContinue reading “Give yourself permission to…”

Fear of Success

Most people when asked what is their biggest fear, most will say fear of failure. Few will acknowledge that they suffer from fear of success and yet the fear of succeeding is as real as the fear of failure. You might be young, mid-age, old or whatever your age may be, fear of success isContinue reading “Fear of Success”

Are you a friend to someone?

Let us talk about the friendships that you keep by first asking us profound questions. Do you pride yourself as someone who has many friends or do you pride yourself as someone who has meaningful friends? Can you genuinely say that you have friends who can help you when you are in real deep trouble?Continue reading “Are you a friend to someone?”

A little Motivation

Do you feel so down that the only thing that can lift your spirits is eating a chocolate cake? Then by all means do eat it already! Then get up and keep moving. I know it sounds so easy to tell someone; eat the cake then get going! What if they can not afford thatContinue reading “A little Motivation”

How to overcome fear

I know you have read many books and articles that give you a nine step process of how to overcome fear, perhaps you have had countless advise on how you can get over your fear or you have probably attempted several things to face your fears, some of these may have worked for you andContinue reading “How to overcome fear”