It’s Customer Service Week!

Hurray! Happy Customer Service Week! This week customers are being treated exactly as they are- King! Why? Because it’s customer service week!

Customer service week is an international week long celebration of customers, people who serve and manage customers and customer service in general. This year it is being celebrated from the 5th to the 9th October.

Each year during the customer service week, thousands of companies around the world celebrate their customers. These companies became creative in ways that shows they care about their customers.

During this week celebration, companies are highly creative. For instance, they give out freebies, great discounts, fun and exiting experiences. What happens, is that they outdo themselves to celebrate their customers.

You will find that the staffs are upbeat, excited and they go out of their way to have fun as they serve their clients.

It’s truly an amazing week!

Now, take a second and imagine if we had this kind of customer celebration through out the year, not just a designated period. Imagine the joy and the delight that your customers will get knowing that they are celebrated through out the year, any time, any day.

Here are eight things that companies can do to celebrate their customers throughout. Instead of having a big budget that you splash in a specific time, that budget can be spread through out the year. This will ensure that you continually uphold your customers as the king they are.

  1. Have a weekly theme at your work place and have your clients participate.
  2. Bend the rules for a customer within permissible limits.
  3. Give them handwritten thank you notes after services.
  4. Donate to courses that customers support.
  5. Get their opinions on any changes that you will make on products or services that affect them.
  6. Treat all customers with respect and empathy.
  7. Design a team that will primarily handle customer complaints with urgency.
  8. Train your team to be consistent in offering unmatched customer service.

Here is a bonus,

Have fun and make it interactive when serving your customers while maintaining professionalism.

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Invest in your employees

A smart business owner would know that in order for his business to grow he will need to invest in his employees. He understands that his business can not succeed without the people who wake up each day to ensure that the business functions run as they should.

Investing in your team has many benefits that we shall cover in a separate topic on this link

Here we will mention two. It leads to increase in employee motivation and growth in your business.

So how do you invest in your staffs?

  1. Allow them to take time off without penalising them on matters that they deem are pressing and need their attention outside work.
  2. Take your team out of the office and have a bonding session. A hike, a day at the spar, etc.
  3. Include them in decision making in matters that affect them directly, like choice of uniform.
  4. Break down the walls of your office and be accessible to them at anytime.
  5. Regularly, award exceptional work performance.
  6. Take interest in their personal lives.
  7. Delegate duties that you deem crucial and watch them over outdo themselves.
  8. Remember their birthdays and important dates like wedding anniversary.
  9. Support lactating mothers and design a special room that they can breastfeed their kids and or express milk freely.
  10. Train and develop their skills on a regular basis. You will be amazed at how they will smash those sales targets.

2021 is here in three months time! How well is your team prepared to grow your business in the coming year? 2021 should be a year of recovery and exponential growth for your business, your team and you. Get in touch with us and we will train your team to performance.

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This customer is getting on my nerves!!

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Question: When a customer shouts at me and makes so much noise what am I supposed to do?

Answer: Keep quiet and let them make all the noise as much as they want. Hard? Yes. As humans, our first defense is to fight back. Before you do that you must remember that:

  1. You have a business to protect and a customer base to build.
  2. The issue is not the issue. Let me explain. How many times have you been frustrated about issues in your life that you seem not to find solutions to? Perhaps, its some unresolved family conflict? An overdue loan that keeps your lender calling on a daily? unmet personal goals etc. These problems in one way or another, they may weigh heavily on you. You find that on the first instant of what you deem as provocation, makes you go wild and you spit venom on the wrong parties. Get it? Good. So it is with your customers. You are not the issue. People carry a lot in their hearts, you, unfortunately, happened to be on their way on that day.

If the customer gets violent or you feel threatened, it is acceptable to walk away and call reinforcement. But whatever you do, do not answer back or fight him.

However, be keen to apologies and offer a lasting solution.

Your business wins. Your customer wins.


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My prices are too high!

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Question: A client says that my prices are too high. Do I reduce or give a big discount in order to make a sale?

Answer: It is not a question of whether your prices are high or low. The question here should be, are you selling value? Value constitutes different aspects.

First, what value do you think you are worth as a business owner? Do you believe that you have put your best foot forward in your products and services in order to price it as it is? Do you think, you are worth, selling your products or services at the said price? Will it give you satisfaction and will you get value for your money when you sell at that price?

Secondly, what about your customers? What value are they getting from your products or services? What valuable experience are they getting from interacting with your business and or you? Can you demonstrate the value the clients will get from your products or services? Is your product or service worth the amount of money you are asking for?

You must be confident in your products and services in terms of the value that you are offering. If you have this confidence, then pricing will not be an issue. No matter how much you price, there is always a customer willing to pay for that value. Understand, anyone who can not pay the asking price, they are not your target customers.

Remember, there are over seven billion people in the world, you can’t exhaust your market!


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T-shirts that every woman needs!

My friend and I designed T-shirts for an EverydayWoman! I am super exicted about this venture!

The idea behind the tees is to edify all women regardless of their walks of life. Whether you are a young blossoming woman trying to figure out your life or a seasoned woman who appreciates her life journey, these tees are made specifically for you!

By wearing one of our t shirts, you are reminded that; You are strong, beautiful, courageous and an overcomer!

Here is the limited edition of Your EveryDay Woman T-shirts.

Going to work? No problem!
Going to the beach? Perfect!
Have a ladies meeting? Absolutely!
Date Night? Exactly!
Going Shopping! Let’s do this!

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You should have started your business YESTERDAY!

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Here is food for thought.


I have this great idea. But I dont know where to start. I dont have the capital to start me off. When is the right time to start a business?


The right time to start your business was yesterday when that idea came to mind! Don’t over think. Just start where you are with what you have. Do not underestimate the power of what is in your hands. Start there , start small and build up!

You have everything it takes to became successful!


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Here is why you need a Business Coach

The Green And Red Bunches Of Bananas At The Stall Of Chinatown ...
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As a result of the COVID19 Pandemic, new businesses have risen, formed by people whose employment status was discontinued or existing businesseowners shifting to new grounds.

When you look around you,yourself included, you will notice that everyone is trying to be creative in business ideas. Some are doing it as a survival strategy during this season as they figure out what next while for others, are looking at long term business solutions.

This in a nutshell is a good thing.

Take a second and think, when you are sick you normally go to the doctor so that you get treatment that will make you better. When you want to build a house, you seek the services of a construction contractor who will advise you on how best to go about establishing your house. For spiritual nourishment, you seek out your religious leaders. If there is a problem with your car, you find a mechanic to advise and repair it.

Well, you get the drift. You will find yourself seeking services of an expert to offer you advise or solution to a problem that you have.

Now, my question is, Why dont you seek the services of a business coach or consultant when you want to start a business, expand your business or any matter that concerns your business? Why do you wait until you fail? Get frustrated? Close shop? You will have wasted time and money when all this could have been avoided if only you had engaged an objective, professional business coach.

Here are five quick reasons why you need to hire a business coach/ Consultant for your business.

✔️ A great coach helps you work out challenges, enhances your confidence when going into major decisions, dealing with crises, or handling business conflict.

✔️ A good business coach will have an objective point of view, and the ability to quickly identify problem areas that maybe you could not see.

✔️ By making business coaching available to your employees, you are sending them a message that you want to empower them to grow.

✔️ A good business coach will help you make SMART business goals that will help you stay focused.

✔️ A business coach can help you grow your business to the next level.

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A Radio that talks non-stop!

Your Everyday People- Interview series

Tell us your name, what you do and how long you have been doing it.

My name is James Okungu, the producer and host of ‘C-SQUARED, Cocktails & Conversations,’ a web talk show that promotes difficult conversations. I am a journalist by profession with over ten years’ experience.

How did you get the idea to start your talk show? Take us to the beginning.

My brother once referred to me as a ‘radio that talks non-stop!’. That is who I am because I love talking to people, both known and strangers alike. I also love cocktails, my favorite one is Tequila Sunrise (You must try it, trust me!)

For several years, I have been involved in behind- the scenes TV productions. My calling I believe, has always been in front of the camera. That pretty much sums it up, you see, my show is a perfect combination of my favorite interests all wrapped up into one!

Tell us more about it. How does an ordinary day look like?

It is a very involving process that includes booking guests for the show, setting a taping day and time, prepping my guests for the conversation and getting the studio ready.

I live in a one-bedroom apartment in Queens, New York, so I have to put the studio up each time I record a conversation. This process can take up to forty-five minutes. Then, there is the interview itself followed by editing thereafter.

Later, I must promote that segment on social media. C-SQUARED, Cocktails & Conversations, is produced once a week.

How do you market yourself and which tactics have been most successful?

Social Media has been my go-to marketing platform. My show is on all social media avenues as @drinksconvo. So far, the huge response has been on Facebook, however, there is steady growth on the other platforms as well.

What are some of the mistakes that you wish you could have avoided in your journey?

I wish I had started earlier. The mistake I did was that I waited too long for the ‘perfect time‘. When I look back, I realise that everything was exactly right, all I needed to do was just to get started.

Perfect time does not exist. I wish I embraced that sooner.

What challenges do you face and how do you overcome them?

Whenever you watch a movie or a TV show, you’ll notice that there are several credits associated with the production. As a one-man production, I am all those things at the same time, from Executive Producer right down to Intern! At times this is overwhelming as there is a lot of work that goes into bringing ‘C-SQUARED, Cocktails & Conversations‘ to life.

I hope to hire some help as soon as the show progresses, and the revenue streams expand.

How has the COVID Pandemic affected you and what adjustments have you done to combat it?

My regular, full-time 9-5 job as a Photo Editor for a major news outlet shifted to remote working. So, I have been spending a lot of time at home. It has been quite the change in routine. However, I have embraced it and adjusted my life to this new reality.

When it gets tough, what motivates you to keep going?

My soon to be 7-year-old son is my biggest inspiration in life. He has autism and is non-verbal, yet he manages to navigate the world and learn new skills on an almost daily basis. His resilience, drive and courage propels me to do better.

Jayden is truly my number one inspiration!

What are your future plans?

I have plans to grow ‘C-SQUARED, Cocktails & Conversations‘ into a brand that covers several genres and takes on different and expanded content.

What advise would you give someone who wants to start a business and they do not know where to start?

Just start! Start now, today! It is OK if you don’t have it all figured out. Just start! The rest you will figure it out as you move forward.

Get it started!

How can people get to watch your show?

 The show is on YouTube at :

And on all Social media platforms as @drinksconvo

“The more you talk to them, the more important they will feel”

R. Bennett

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I love to mentor others!

Your Everyday People- Interview series

Tell us your name, what you do and how long you have been an entrepreneur.

My name is Khasoa Yvonne the founder of GirlBoss Clothline. I sell secondhand clothes business; I do this purely online. I will be turning 4years in this business by August 2020.

How did you get the idea to start this business? Take us to the beginning.

A friend of mine used to sell secondhand clothes and would get supplies from Gikomba which is a popular market for traders in Nairobi. I would accompany her on the days that she would get her supplies, this way, I was able to familiarize myself with the market and the dynamics of how this business works.

From my interaction with her, I was inspired to start my own business right away. At the time, I was a second-year student at the university. With savings of 1500 shillings, I purchased ladies’ blouses. I then hawked the clothes to my fellow students immediately after lectures. I loved my business so much that, I always looked forward to the after-lecture moments. I did this for two consecutive years.

Currently, I can purchase the secondhand ladies’ clothes in bulk. With each bulk purchase, I plough back the capital within a few days of sales. God has been faithful in my journey. Right now, I am already creating employment for others.

Tell us more about your business. How does an ordinary day look like?

My business is majorly characterized with opening and sorting out my bulk secondhand clothes purchase. I then iron the clothes. Later, I take pictures of the assembled pieces and post online for marketing. This way, customers, can see what we have on offer and their orders. afterwards, I plan and organize for their deliveries.

What I do, I package the clothes according to the customer’s order. Then, I assign a delivery schedule to the delivery team, I assign them basing on the places the clients are based in or rather will pick their parcels from.

Later, I follow up to get feedback from prospects once they get their packages.

How do you market your business and which tactics have been most successful?

Social media has been my area of leverage for marketing, both on Instagram and Facebook. I also capitalise on Facebook groups that are popular with entrepreneurs, busines owners and potential buyers.

Referrals has also greatly worked for me. I get many clients that have been directed to me by my clients who have enjoyed my outfits.

One other thing that has greatly helped me, is that I am deeply passionate about helping and mentoring other people. I do this online by encouraging potential entrepreneurs to get out of their comfort zone and explore businesses in dealing in secondhand clothes. Through this mentorship, I have been blessed to get new clients.


What are some of the mistakes that you wish you could have avoided in your entrepreneurial journey?

I have dispatched unpaid-for parcels with the hope that the clients would be genuine enough to pay for the delivery on receipt. Instead, I ended up incurring losses due to failure of clients honoring their pledge.

At the beginning, I lowly priced my items to please my clients despite undergoing more costs. I wish I had learnt earlier that, there are factors that need to be considered when pricing this would have saved me a lot of money.

What challenges do you face in your business and how do you overcome them?

A client may place an order, then they fail turning up to receive their delivery. If this client did not pay in advance for their consignment, I end up losing money. What I do to combat this loss, I charge an advance reservation fee for the items.

Sometimes, I can purchase a bulk consignment of clothes, then I discover that what I had ordered is something totally different than what I had expected or made to believe I was buying. This leads to more losses.

Regardless, I have come to appreciate that, in business you can either make losses or profits, and when you get a chance to make profits, do it with a strategy that will cover up for the losses you made.

How has the COVID Pandemic affected your business and what adjustments have you done to combat it?

COVID has taught me to be flexible in business. I immediately started selling children’s outfit when COVID 19 kicked in, a strategy that has worked for me tremendously.

Prior to this, I had never ventured into selling children’s secondhand clothes before.

When it gets tough in your business, what motivates you to keep going?

My clients. When one person appreciates what I do, that is motivation enough. In addition, my business journey has brought me closer to God, I always believe there’s hope.

What are your future plans?

I look forward to having a physical shop, where I will be selling specific clothes to a specified niche. Of course, not just one location, but branches in different towns.

I have the picture in my mind “GirlBoss Clothline Group of Shops’.

One of my greatest desire is to have a foundation too, which will majorly focus on humanity by giving hope to that individual who feels that all is lost.

So much is in store for me! A day at a time!

What advise would you give someone who wants to start a business and they do not know where to start?

What are you waiting for? Just start! There is so much we can do in life, and there is hope for those who decide to go for it.

How can people get in touch with you for your services?

You can reach me on my Whatsapp or call on-   0703 252718

A mentor is someone who allows you to see the higher part of yourself when sometimes it becomes hidden to your own view.

— Oprah Winfrey

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Story! Story!

This week we are taking a short break from our #Youreverydaypeopleinterviewseries we shall resume next week because I have a story to tell you that I could not wait!


Blank exercise book sheet and pink pen. Premium Photo
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The Kiswahili subject teacher walked into the classroom looking pensive, tucked under her arms were Insha* transcripts. One look at her, the pupils became deathly silent. They knew, it was not good news.

Miss Kitabu* was a short, voluptuous middle aged lady with a rigid face that instantly made you confess your transgressions seconds before the cane came stumbling down on your trembling outstretched hands! She was a no-nonsense teacher and many pupils feared her.

On the contrary, she seemed to enjoy her job. Her impeccable mastery of Swahili made her the head of the language department and the patron of the drama club in the school region .

Her strictness was evident in the way she spoke, taught and awarded marks in her Kiswahili exams. Many pupils were convinced beyond any shadow of doubt that, Miss Kitabu deliberately failed them. She would only award ‘good’ marks when she thought you deserved it. “Deserving it” was a privilege that was denied to many.

Barely greeting the classroom, she started handing out the transcripts to their owners by calling out one name after the other. Each pupil would make disappointing faces when they received and looked at their Insha papers. A dark heavy cloud filled the entire classroom, many had failed to meet the required pass mark. This was their mid-term exams.

Miss Kitabu handed all the Insha transcripts except one.

“How many have not received their transcripts?” She asked in a flat voice.

Nobody responded.

She cleared her throat, “How many of you have not received their transcripts?” Then she added, “I will not ask again!” She sternly stared at the pupils who were all wishing they could somehow disappear.

A tiny hand went up slowly, it was a shy thirteen year old girl. As if on cue, the whole classroom simultaneously turned and looked at her perplexed.

“Come up here,” Miss Kitabu gestured towards the girl.

Unsure of what will happen, the girl, hands crossed behind her, walked in small, measured, calculated steps towards the teacher while staring down at her shoes. Several conflicting thoughts were going through her mind.

I must be the worst failure.

My Insha was the worst.

This is my worst day..

“Congratulations!” Miss Kitabu raised her voice. “Your Insha was the best!”

Puzzled, the young girl looked at her teacher.

“You scored the highest marks ever recorded in this class.” She handed the transcript to the timid girl. To the class she said, “Pupils, this is how you should write your Inshas! The story was well written, the characters came to life, the figure of speech was utilized as it should.”

The young girl was astonished.

Miss Kitabu continued, “Please read to the class your Insha. The rest of you listen and take notes!”

Trying to conceal a tiny smile, the teenager turned to face the class and started reading her essay.

That timid thirteen year old, was me, over two decades ago.


I have always loved writing and telling stories! A childhood passion that was formed in my early teens and being actualised in my mid adulthood . Here is a short romantic story, #Whenlovecamebacktotown! I have published on Amazon and You can read it from there! Am super excited to share it with you!

Tell you what, click on this link below to purchase the E-book.

Then, drop me a review and tell me what you thought of it. If you liked it, share the link with someone else who would enjoy it as well.

Go on now, I cant wait to hear your thoughts on it!


See you next week!

*Insha- a Swahili essay

*Miss Kitabu- not her real name