I wrote a book people! Yes, I did! I cant wait to share it with you! Oh My!!

This is my second book after How to Increase Your Sales & Grow Your Business, a sales and customer service guide for beginners in business. This simple guide is suitable for anyone who is starting out in business or young entrepreneurs. Incase, you missed it, you can buy it for yourself or gift a deserving person. Get it from Kindle Amazon, the link below:

My second book is called Maua. Maua is a Swahili word that means Flower! I am super excited about this book. It is a novel written for anyone who loves a good read!

#MauaTheNovel is an epic story of a young ambitious man who yearns to break the chains that hold him back from achieving a life he had only dreamt of. Amid misfortunes and with nothing to his name, Karani, must step up and feed his hunger for success. But can he do it? How much inner strength will he need to overcome the challenges ahead? What choices will he face? Will he emerge a winner?


This story is written in English. The setting is in Kenya where the reader travels through a maze of hope, tragedy, traditions, modernity, resilience and love through the protagonist eye.

You want to read this book! You want to gift someone this book! Those who have read ,testify, that it is a page turner and a thriller. A good read indeed!

The book is available in hardcopy. We are sending it anywhere you are in the world. To order your copy click on this link below. I cant wait for you to tell me how you liked it!

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What I love most about reading: It gives you the ability to reach higher ground. And keep climbing.” Oprah Winfrey

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