Give yourself permission to…

Permission is the act of allowing someone to do something or allowing something to happen, this is according to Cambridge Dictionary.

The other day I was listening to a podcast about this lady who was narrating how her life changed the minute she gave herself permission to be successful. She said that it reached a point in her life that she had to stop asking people for permission to do stuff and she decided that she was going to permit herself to live the way she wanted. And lived she did -without any apologies.

I found this quite intriguing and I immediately thought about myself and the many times in my life, back in the past of how, I denied myself so much simply because I did not get the approval I needed from people around me. I remembered instances of when someone close to me would comment on how they did not like how I dressed and I would immediately coil on the inside. I remembered how I chose not to smile simply because someone did not call me that day. I remembered how I did not pursue certain interests simply because someone did not think they were right for me. I remembered how I did not follow through a plan just to appease the fears of what I thought other people would think.

There is a lot of power when you give yourself permission to be. Give yourself permission to try; permission to fail; permission to learn; permission to grow; permission to hurt; permission to heal; permission to forgive; permission to succeed; permission to be happy; permission to be criticized; permission to be all that you can be. There is so much power when you make no apologies to be who you want to be.

If you want to start a business, give yourself permission to start. Do not make any apologies, you will learn as you proceed. When you take on a new relationship, you have given yourself permission to love, be loved, hurt and heal. When you want new experiences, you must give yourself permission to do something new and different.

May this post today serve as a reminder to you, to give yourself permission to be all you can be. Don’t make apologies, don’t wait for conditions to be better, don’t dwell on what could be, just give yourself permission to be.

Today, I am giving myself permission to ……

.. be bold

…forgive myself

…forgive others

…listen to my gut

…(Continue filling in the blanks)

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