I ordered a double decker bed from a carpenter that I had worked with before. From the trust that I had already established with him, I was confident that he will not only deliver on time but he will also do a superb job. Was I mistaken!

This particular work took him over a month to complete. This was after he assured me he will take a week to deliver. So the week came and passed without any word from him. I called him and asked for an explanation of why he did not keep his word. He apologized and gave me an excuse of which I was not satisfied with. Since I had worked with him before, I agreed to wait another week.

The second week came and passed again without any form of communication on the delay from the carpenter. I was loosing my cool. I waited a few days after the week to see if he will call me, but he didn’t.

I sent him a text message asking why the bed was not delivered. He responded that he was still working on it and it will be delivered before the end of that week. Reluctantly, I waited. Of course by now you know that he did not keep his word-again!

In the mid of the third week, I took myself to his workshop and demanded my deposit back. I found him working on other projects while my shell of a bed was just lying under the sun looking severely malnourished ! I was irate!

Let me save you the details of what transpired next. Just know that he delivered the bed a week later. But it was three weeks late and I had already made up my mind never to work with him again.

The trust was broken!

Are you this carpenter? Can your customers trust you to keep your word?

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