Coping with downtimes

Like many of us in business, I have good days and better days. There are days that I simply don’t feel like leaving my bed. I just feel like all I want to do is sleep the whole day and do nothing. Then I remember that there are inquires to be responded to, emails to be sent, follow ups to be done ,you know, a business to run? So, I wake up feeling not so good but with a mind to get through the day. By and by, I get a few things done that build up into an accomplished goal. Then again, there are those days that, these goals are not achieved. This can be discouraging.

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Do you ever have such not-so-good days? What keeps you going?

One of the things that keeps me going is the reason as to why I started in the first place. I always ask myself, why did I start this business ? Why is it important for me to help other people? They say that you should be your biggest cheerleader. But how easy is it to not only cheer yourself on but to motivate yourself to keep moving? Anyone will tell you that it is not easy at all. You need a very strong underlying will to keep going.

You must also believe in a higher being that exists beyond yourself. A being that gives us renewed strength that we so badly need to go on when you don’t feel like. For me, believing in God and relying on his supernatural strength to push me, works the wonders that I need. But is this enough? No it is not. You must also trust that there are people out there who are waiting to hear from you. It could be one person who is looking forward to your services, this person is looking forward to either buy from you or to simply see you get up and work so that they too can get motivated.

Do you have a mentor?

Or anyone to talk to? It helps having someone that you can drop a text and say, “Hey, am in the doldrums today.” Next thing you know, you are smiling after receiving a funny text back. It is also during such days that you can have those long engaging conversations with your mentor that leaves you feeling like you can conquer the world. Personally, I find it rejuvenating when I search the web for like minded women in the same industry as I. Reading their stories and experiencing their success journey gives me hope not to settle.

The other day, my daughter came to my room, without saying anything she hugged me and left. I called out after her and asked her what the hug was for, with a soft smile she replied, “Nothing. I just wanted to hug you, that’s all!” Right there, I was reminded that there was a little person who was watching me so I had to keep my act together! There must be someone watching you too, it may not be a little person, it could be anyone who looks up to you for inspiration or just to cheer you on. During those downtimes, remember you have an audience, don’t stop performing!

Dear Reader, as we progress into the next month, don’t feel rushed. You may not have hit your January target, neither may you be half way into achieving what you had wanted this month, please don’t let anxiety get the best of you. I want you to know that you are doing okay. I am motivated to see you wake up and put some effort in your work. You may not see the results today, but be encouraged to continue planting your seeds on a daily. Believe me your harvest will be large and overflowing sooner than you can imagine.

How do you cope with your downtimes? I will be happy to read from you. Leave a comment down below.

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