Take my business to the next level in 2021 (Part II)

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In this second series we shall discuss how to increase Your customer numbers in 2021. If you missed our first part read it here


Let us agree that without customers buying from you, then you are not in business. A business to survive needs to have a loyal customer base. Then progressively, you need to increase the numbers of those customers, this will ultimately grow your business.

Increasing your customer numbers is a simple act that requires consistency on your part. The highlighted below is not new to us. These are things we know that we should be doing them on a consistent basis but we may find ourselves falling short.

I want to call this a reminder of how to increase your customer numbers.

  1. Treat your current customers with utmost respect that they deserve. Ensure what you are offering is exactly what you said. Give unmatched customer experience. Whatever you do, at the end of the day, your customer must be happy and satisfied with you. This will make him refer potential new clients to you!
  2. Do some bit of research and find out what improvements your customers would like to see in your offerings. Incrementally, make those improvements. This will get you noticed by new potential clients!
  3. Have a budget for marketing and aggressively put word out there of your work. Reach out to new customer segments. Let your target market know about your business.
  4. Constantly innovate and move with the current times. Embrace technology and new millennial ideas!
  5. Corroborate with other players in your industry. See them as business partners not competition. This will have you tap to their customer base.
  6. Be a customer to a potential new customer. Your customers are also selling something.
  7. Network both online and offline.
  8. Offer free goodies, discounts and any other fun stuff that will attract new clients!

There you have it! Tell me, what are some of these technique’s that are working for you?!

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