Take my business to the next level in 2021 (part I)

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I recently asked business women in various social platforms this question:

As a woman in business, what three things do you wish to happen to you/ your business in 2021? (from the choices below)

  1. Increase in sales
  2. Clear my loans
  3. Expand my business
  4. Create more networks
  5. Streamline my business
  6. Start a new business
  7. Grow my customer base
  8. Get financing for my business

I will pick the top three responses: 86% of the women said that they wished to increase their sales in 2021, 72% wished to increase their customer numbers while 58% hoped to expand their businesses.

In this article we will focus on how to overcome the first response- How to increase your sales in 2021. We shall cover the other two in the subsequent articles. Keep it here and subscribe to our blog so that you don’t miss out.

How to increase your sales in 2021

You need to find clarity in your business and keep the focus if you want to increase your sales. I always advise my mentees to sit yourself with a pen and notebook and write it all down. Listen, without clarity and focus you will just be all over the place and in the end you will create for yourself a lot of sales gaps and missed selling opportunities.

Find clarity in these four areas that I call The 4Ws.

What are you selling?

We are not talking about the products that you are selling. Understand, you are not the only one selling those products. By having clarity in what you are selling, this is what sets you apart from your competitors. This is what will make clients choose you over them. This will also invoke a sell conversation with a potential client, and it sets you on a path to close sales quickly.  

We are talking about understanding your products and presenting them to the client in a way that will appeal to them and make them buy from you and not other people. You are selling more than products & services and you must understand that and be able to articulate it.

Here is an example; if you are in beauty industry, you are selling self confidence, imagine how someone feels after a make over! You see it’s not just make up that you are selling.

Why are you selling?

In order for you to increase your sales numbers, you must also understand why you are selling your products. Here you look at the value that the clients are going to get when they buy from you. You need to focus on selling that value to the clients.

Understand that you are not the only one selling those products or services. There is a lot of competition and for you to stand out, have customers buy from you. Don’t just sell them the products but sell them value.

Value means the benefits that the clients will get from buying your products. You should focus on selling that value and make sure that the client understands what he is getting.

Who are you selling to?

Another thing that will help you increase your sells is knowing your target market. You need to know the people that you are selling to, know what they do, where to find them, how to approach them and speak their language.

When you focus on that customer and you exhaust that market, then you can move to someone else. But if you are constantly moving from one customer to another, what happens at the end of the day, you are not focused, you will not maximize on your sales.

You must always know who needs what you are selling and then come up with a plan to approach and sell to them. Focus on this target client. This will help you increase your sales.

How do you sell?

You now know what, why and who you are selling to. Understand, if you don’t know how to sell, the first 3Ws will be of no use to you. So how do you sell?

It’s important to understand that selling is a process. A process that involves interaction between you the salesperson and the potential buyer. You need to have the right selling skills and techniques so that you use this during your interaction with customers. For instance, do you ask the right questions in order to under your customers needs? Are you empathetic towards your clients? Are you polite? Do you know how to counter objections?

basically when you know how to sell by employing the right selling techniques, then you will be able to connect with your customers, build a lasting relationship, get referrals and ultimately increase your sales in 2021.

There you have it The 4Ws! Master them, practice them and go make those numbers!

Do you need help to grow your sales numbers in 2021? Register here and join my online coaching program.

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