Let me think about it!

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A customer says, “Let me think about it.”

And you say…

“This offer ends tonight, after today you will not get it!”

“Okay. Here’s my number. Call me when you change your mind.”

“Can I call you in two days time?”

“Do you have any more questions that I can clarify before you leave?”

“Are you worried about the cost? What exactly is your concern?”

“Okay. Thanks for coming.”

All your answers above are correct. The thing is by the time you respond to a customer, you should know who that customer is.

Let me explain.

As a sales person, you are selling to a specific target market. You must know who the market is, what they like, where to find them and if they will benefit from your service or product.

Your job is to find this customer and sell to. In the course of your interaction, a smart sales person knows if that will be an instant sale, a future sale or no sale at all hence your response or counter objection to their concern.

Here is the take away, know your customer. Know your products. Know how to match this customer to a product. Learn how to counter objections. Don’t waste time with anyone who, you very well know, is not your target market.

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