It’s Customer Service Week!

Hurray! Happy Customer Service Week! This week customers are being treated exactly as they are- King! Why? Because it’s customer service week!

Customer service week is an international week long celebration of customers, people who serve and manage customers and customer service in general. This year it is being celebrated from the 5th to the 9th October.

Each year during the customer service week, thousands of companies around the world celebrate their customers. These companies became creative in ways that shows they care about their customers.

During this week celebration, companies are highly creative. For instance, they give out freebies, great discounts, fun and exiting experiences. What happens, is that they outdo themselves to celebrate their customers.

You will find that the staffs are upbeat, excited and they go out of their way to have fun as they serve their clients.

It’s truly an amazing week!

Now, take a second and imagine if we had this kind of customer celebration through out the year, not just a designated period. Imagine the joy and the delight that your customers will get knowing that they are celebrated through out the year, any time, any day.

Here are eight things that companies can do to celebrate their customers throughout. Instead of having a big budget that you splash in a specific time, that budget can be spread through out the year. This will ensure that you continually uphold your customers as the king they are.

  1. Have a weekly theme at your work place and have your clients participate.
  2. Bend the rules for a customer within permissible limits.
  3. Give them handwritten thank you notes after services.
  4. Donate to courses that customers support.
  5. Get their opinions on any changes that you will make on products or services that affect them.
  6. Treat all customers with respect and empathy.
  7. Design a team that will primarily handle customer complaints with urgency.
  8. Train your team to be consistent in offering unmatched customer service.

Here is a bonus,

Have fun and make it interactive when serving your customers while maintaining professionalism.

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