Invest in your employees

A smart business owner would know that in order for his business to grow he will need to invest in his employees. He understands that his business can not succeed without the people who wake up each day to ensure that the business functions run as they should.

Investing in your team has many benefits that we shall cover in a separate topic on this link

Here we will mention two. It leads to increase in employee motivation and growth in your business.

So how do you invest in your staffs?

  1. Allow them to take time off without penalising them on matters that they deem are pressing and need their attention outside work.
  2. Take your team out of the office and have a bonding session. A hike, a day at the spar, etc.
  3. Include them in decision making in matters that affect them directly, like choice of uniform.
  4. Break down the walls of your office and be accessible to them at anytime.
  5. Regularly, award exceptional work performance.
  6. Take interest in their personal lives.
  7. Delegate duties that you deem crucial and watch them over outdo themselves.
  8. Remember their birthdays and important dates like wedding anniversary.
  9. Support lactating mothers and design a special room that they can breastfeed their kids and or express milk freely.
  10. Train and develop their skills on a regular basis. You will be amazed at how they will smash those sales targets.

2021 is here in three months time! How well is your team prepared to grow your business in the coming year? 2021 should be a year of recovery and exponential growth for your business, your team and you. Get in touch with us and we will train your team to performance.

Check our services below and lets connect.

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