My prices are too high!

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Question: A client says that my prices are too high. Do I reduce or give a big discount in order to make a sale?

Answer: It is not a question of whether your prices are high or low. The question here should be, are you selling value? Value constitutes different aspects.

First, what value do you think you are worth as a business owner? Do you believe that you have put your best foot forward in your products and services in order to price it as it is? Do you think, you are worth, selling your products or services at the said price? Will it give you satisfaction and will you get value for your money when you sell at that price?

Secondly, what about your customers? What value are they getting from your products or services? What valuable experience are they getting from interacting with your business and or you? Can you demonstrate the value the clients will get from your products or services? Is your product or service worth the amount of money you are asking for?

You must be confident in your products and services in terms of the value that you are offering. If you have this confidence, then pricing will not be an issue. No matter how much you price, there is always a customer willing to pay for that value. Understand, anyone who can not pay the asking price, they are not your target customers.

Remember, there are over seven billion people in the world, you can’t exhaust your market!


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