You are the most Amazing subscribers & readers I have ever met! You are awesome! I write for you! I write you!I have this passion for writing….largely though it is because of you my dear readers! You keep me awake. You trusted me to inspire you and I hope I did through my #YourEverydayPeopleInterviewSeries.

If you missed this inspiring series, go back and read all my previous posts! You gonna love it! Feel free to share your success journey with me as well. I would love to know all about it! Write to me at info@ayakaconsultancy.com. I would love to know what inspires you, what makes you, you!


We now embark on a new series.

I want to write stories. Real stories of Women & Men who made it AFTER the age of #Forty

I feel this group is not well celebrated. We always talk of Under 40.

Your story of how you made your first million when you were over forty, over fifty, over sixty etc.

I want to tell your story of how you started your first business when you were over forty.

I want to tell your story of how you got your first break after you turned forty & above.

I want to talk to you.

I want to celebrate you.

I want others to be inspired by you.

In my new #Interviewseries #40andOver

If you are the one or you know someone, contact me below:


(Let’s Share this post we reach them)

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