Wouldn’t it be nice to learn from others?

There is a young man that I know who runs a small essential business in his neighborhood. This guy, has a stall where he sells fresh vegetables to his community. He is very popular with his customers such that at any given time, you will find a sizable crowd waiting to buy from him. He is always busy; taking one order after the other, packing the veges, giving change, answering questions and pleasing his customers.

When he first started as far as I could remember, several years ago, his business was really struggling in terms of getting clients, stocking up and from what I saw, he also lacked a proper stall. He sold from a makeshift structure that was not dependable. Looking at him today, he owns a decent stall, he stocks fresh produce, he is popular and his customer base has grown. Overall, his business seems to be thriving.

This got me thinking that this young man must be doing something right. Whatever, it is, must be shared with other people. He must have collected some lessons along the way as he was building his business that have seen him raise to where he is today. I think it is imperative that he tells his story and we get to learn from him.

He might not be a millionaire- yet, neither an Instagram influencer, but he has a story- a story that needs to be told and with lessons that we can all benefit from. Ladies and Gentlemen, that is how our series, “Your Everyday People- Interview series” was born.

In the next five weeks, we will run a weekly interview of your everyday people. People who wake up each day to hustle and put food on the table for their families. People who are resilient in their pursuit of their dreams. People who have had the urge to quit but they did not, instead, they kept on going. People who against all odds, made achievements in their own rights. People whose stories need to be told and voices heard. People whose lessons need to be shared.

These are your everyday people. People that you know and you can identify with.

They are ordinary people with extraordinary stories.

Listen, this is an interview series that you don’t want to miss. Make sure you subscribe and be sure to tell folks within your community to subscribe to our blog and get inspired firsthand!

It gets better, if you or someone you know, think that they should be featured, send us an email below. We look forward to hear from you.

Wouldn’t it be nice to learn from others?

Watch out for our first interview in this series! NEXT!

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