I need to keep myself together!

“You can’t change that. You can’t fix that. You can keep yourself together!”

Three months ago, I had several plans; I had scheduled meetings, events that we were looking forward to host, dates with my family and friends, travel bookings and school activities to attend. You name it!

Suddenly, a ‘Stay at Home’ order! came through the door faster than any of our plans could materialise. Then everything changed. I mean,everything!

As we were settling down to the new norm, at some point I became restless. You will agree with me when I say that it was not easy to adjust to the new changes; stay at home, raise your kids, home school your kids, get your work done, run a business, stay healthy and at the same time keep sane.

I asked my friends to share some of the healthy habits that they did during the lock down while focusing on their businesses and or work. Here is a list of some things that I managed to put together.

You can adopt some if you are not already doing them.

  1. Do some gardening at your back or front yard. You will be surprised at how much fresh vegetables your family will be getting on a daily basis.
  2. Get potted plants and give life to your doorsteps, balconies, window panes and some selected areas in your house. Tend to these plants on a frequent basis.
  3. Create different theme days at home with your family. You can have each family member give input on what they would like done on a daily basis. e.g. beach theme day, paper craft day, sports day, karaoke night etc. No idea is too small. Have fun while at it!
  4. Have a duty roaster for the kids and adults in the house. Come up with a reward system for exemplary work done!
  5. Lay out a family alter and specify a time that the family will be meeting for fellowship and sharing of the word of God.
  6. Rearrange your furniture and redecorate your home. Have other members of the household give a helping hand.
  7. Learn and try out different recipes on a daily basis. Have a good laugh when the food doesn’t come out as you had hoped!
  8. Organise a food drive with your friends, family and your community at large. Give to the less fortunate.
  9. Reach out to family members and friends that you have not spoken with in a long time. Make amends.
  10. Remember how you have been postponing for years to start working out because your excuse was that you were busy? Now it’s a good time to start.
  11. Have you always wanted to write a book? A blog perhaps? What are you waiting for?
  12. Make a habit of sitting down with your family members and just talk. Talk about your dreams, their dreams, fears, plans. etc. Make it meaningful.
  13. If you have always wanted to change some aspects of your life like getting out of a bad relationship, changing careers, relocating, making new investments etc. Take time to reflect on these, plan and start taking measurable actions.
  14. Unclutter your house right from your wardrobe, pantry, kids old toys to the store and garage. Donate all you can.
  15. Update your CV, professional papers and accounts.
  16. Repaint and repair your house.
  17. Get creative and make stuff using recyclable items in your house. Have your family join in.
  18. Repair your clothes.
  19. Start knitting.
  20. Create an online club i.e book club, cooking club, business club etc

Feel free to add some of your own to the list that we can all learn from.

Keep Safe!

Watch out for our next post where we will talk about why walking alone is a good thing!

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