About us

Grace Kagema, Lead Business Coach/ Consultant

When I was a little girl, I was fascinated by seeing my mother dressed up for work. I knew then, that I wanted to dress up and go to work. You know, the good hair, good shoes and good handbag! I wanted to be just like her! It was my little girls dream!

In undergrad, I started doing small businesses to get some extra pocket money. After, I completed my studies, I got employed and I worked for eight straight years. During which I got what I dreamt of as a little girl, good hair, good shoes, good handbags!

But I wasn’t satisfied. I was restless. I started small businesses as side hustles and as time went by, I yearned for more. So, one day, I quit my full time, well paying job and started a business! I was finally self employed. Then, I lost it all!!

I called myself to a meeting and I realised the mistakes that I did in my business were in fact very huge lessons for me. Lessons, that I was never taught in my MBA class. Lessons that were priceless!

I took a notebook and wrote down all those mistakes turned lessons and I highlighted what I could have done differently. It all became very clear on paper that those mistakes were avoidable!

It then hit me there were many other budding entrepreneurs and business owners who were making the same mistakes or even worse than I did.

That is how my coaching, training & consultancy business was born. I have this inert passion and unmatched drive to help other small business owners, budding entrepreneurs and their teams NOT to make the same silly, yet costly mistakes that I did in business.

I firmly believe that if you can get your sales right, then you are on your way to financial freedom!

Here at Ayaka Management Consultancy we coach, train, you & your team on how you can grow your sales. Sales is the cornerstone of any business. You owe it to yourself to drive those numbers!

We care about your business success! We can not wait to help you reach your highest potential!

We are delighted that you are here! Make a wise decision today and have us coach or train you and your team on how to grow your sales today!

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