I have no answers but many questions. It is in the questions that I get the answers.

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Hi! My name is Grace Kagema. Thank you for stopping by! I help women who feel stuck in their careers, businesses & life, get unstuck by curving a God-Driven Purpose for their lives. I do this through online coaching, seminars & events. You deserve to live your life fully, intentionally & purposefully!

Feeling stuck in life is not fun! I know because I am she. I have been there. For so many years, I was lost, frustrated, stuck in one place and falling in a bottomless pit!

I want to tell you that you can create a fulfilling life, a life that you want. You deserve it. Let me help you.


Are you are in business or do you have a sales team? Are you wondering how you can grow your sales while increasing customer satisfaction? Wonder no more! We believe that sales is the cornerstone of any business and we are here to help. We train you and your team on how to grow your sales and increase customer satisfaction.

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Grace Kagema. BEd. MBA. Sales Expert, Corporate Trainer, Writer, Consultant & a Transformational Coach

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We love a good ending

We, including you loves a good ending. An ending of how you found yourself again, how you grew your sales, how you smashed your goals, how you overcame your fears, how you got unstuck, how you are loving yourself again etc. We all love a good ending. You deserve to have one and inspire other women to create one too.

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Ayaka Management Consultancy

Founded by Grace Kagema, Mombasa, Kenya

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